Campaign of the week: #NatureIsSpeaking


Couple  of weeks ago I came across Conservation International “Nature is speaking” campaign. As the name suggests campaign’s aim is to spread the awareness of global warming and help people understand what future holds for our planet if we don’t take any action to stop it. If you haven’t heard a thing about #NatureIsSpeaking it’s not a problem – I will explain it shortly. Conservation International has asked famous actors and actresses to donate their voices for eye-opening short films covering every aspect of Earth, such as soil, oceans, coral reefs and etc. Every short film has a different subject matter, which with the help of celebrity’s voice can come to live and speak up for itself explaining viewers what is about to happen if human race won’t take any action to prevent global warming.  Each film is beautifully made and worth watching. You can watch them here. Furthermore, from PR perspective this campaign is well made and has a lot of advantages:

  • It is newsworthy – famous celebrities can attract favorable media coverage (read an article on The Guardian here)
  • Social media tools are majorly involved
  • It has human side, thus it’s more likely to become popular
  • It is something new and original
  • The fact that very popular actors are involved in this campaign, makes it’s target audience wide and appealing to both genders.

In addition to social media side, this campaign has huge bonus – Hewlett Packard agreed to be their main sponsor and launched the million dollar hashtag. The main purpose of it is to make people spread a word about this campaign using #NatureIsSpeaking, thus HP will donate 1 dollar for every time someone uses hashtag on various social media platforms. Conservation International is aiming to reach 1 million donations.

HP sponsoring #NatureIsSpeaking
HP sponsoring #NatureIsSpeaking

To sum up, I think Conversation International has done a great job covering the environment problems. Although, the campaign is still lacking popularity, I strongly hope the situation will change within few months. I would give this campaign an overall mark of 9/10. What you guys think?


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