A day in a life of PR practitioner: Meet Paula

Successful PR graduate - Paula Stei
Successful PR graduate – Paula Stei

Public relations as a profession to me sounds dreamy, but is it still all “fun and games” when it comes to performing in a real life? Let’s see what a recent PR graduate Paula has to say about working within public relation sector after finishing university this summer.

Name: Paula Stei
Age: 22
Company: MHW PR, Newcastle, United Kingdom
Position: PR and Marketing assistant
From: Kaunas, Lithuania
Education: University of Sunderland – Public relations (BA Hons), 1st class honours degree

When did you start working at MHW?

“Full time since 1st June. But I’ve initially joined them for a part time position in March”

What do you do on a day to day basis?

“Each day is very different. Some days I might be spending most of my time just running various admin tasks. I’m fully in charge of the ‘housekeeping’ so simple little things like making sure that we got all office supplies, Internet/telephone are working properly, the office is presentable, etc can take up quite a lot of my time. I’ve only got one client which I work on the account directly. So whenever I’m not too busy doing my own work, my colleagues may ask for some help with one of their clients. Press releases, arranging photographers for events, dealing with the press, doing some research and running little admin tasks like collecting press cuttings, answering any phone calls, scanning/printing/binding, can be my daily business.”

What is the favourite part of your job?

“It’s difficult to say what’s the favourite part of my job. I enjoy the variety… Most days can be quite different. I enjoy meeting and working with different people, most of which always have something interesting to say, share, teach you. For me, it’s also very important that everyone in my agency is quite relaxed and we have an amazing working environment. It does get a little bit stressful and busy days… But everyone shares mutual respect which helps to feel comfortable and relaxed at work.”

What is the most challenging part of your job?

“Most challenging part must be handling some clients. Some people you get to work with, don’t really understand what PR is and how does it work. So their wishes and expectations can be very unrealistic. It often clashes with your plans for the client and makes your life a little hell trying to juggle between doing your job right and keeping the client happy.”

Any funny stories from work?

“Funny stories… As mentioned in one of the previous answers, we have an amazing environment in the office. So some really good ‘crack’ goes down on almost daily basis.
The really funny ones would have to be some stories from our staff socials. But those ones are not to be told! 🙂

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