Issue campaigns: Empowering women and girls (Always, Pantene, UN WOMEN)

Few days ago when I was looking for blogspiration (see what I did there)  I’ve stumbled across quite a few campaigns which were focusing on women and gender equality, so I’ve decided to create my top 3 list and present it to you!

1. Pantene #ShineStrong

These ads transfer a very strong and clear message – gender bias still exists, and famous hair care brand wants to raise awareness about it. Not only Pantene (part of Pocter and Gamble) created influential ads, this brand also collaborated with Karren Brandy CBE – one of the most successful and inspirational UK business woman and an aide to Lord Sugar on  BBC The Apprentice – to create a Pantene #ShineStrong  £20’000 Fund in order to support women and their careers. They’ve created five categories in which women can apply for bursaries from £1’000 -5’000 until the end of December. Applicants will be chosen in January and women will also be given an opportunity to have a one-on-one workshop session with Karren.

Furthermore, Pantene also contacted YouTube’rs (girls) and created #ShineStrong TAG, which a lot of them were happy to collaborate and answer questions about confidence in a video. I believe creating a Tag on YouTube and asking youtubers to collaborate nowadays is a way to go with social media.

Here are some of the #ShineStrong TAG videos:

Overall, I like this campaign because it includes great use of social media, has a human side, involves opinion leader and is not only raising a problem, but actually doing something to solve it.

2. Always #LikeAGirl

Always – women hygiene brand, tackled a problem that nobody seem to aim at before, which is girls’ low self-esteem during puberty. Phrase “doing something like a girl” seem to have a true effect on adolescent girls and their confidence, so Always decide to kick off a battle and empower girls everywhere by collaborating with Lauren Greenfield (documentary photographer and filmmaker) and creating an eye-opening documentary on what does it mean to do something like a girl to various age  teenagers.

Also, Always (part of a PG group as well) asked girls around the world to tweet them what do they do #LikeAGirl and to show other girls that doing something #LikeAGirl shouldn’t be used as an insult.

Finally, Always teamed up with UNESCO to provide literacy programs for girls in poor parts of the world to help them achieve their dreams and ambitions.

I think, this type of campaign helps brand to form its image as socially active and positive, which is always a good thing (see what I did here?).

3.UN Women #WomenShould

UN Women addressed a solid issue with their campaign – widespread sexism.

UN Women created thought-provoking ads which feature a woman’s profile with google search placed on her mouth, silencing her.

UN Women campaign, sexism
UN Women campaign, sexism

After spreading the word with their ads and a video, they asked other people to join the conversation on twitter using #womenshould.

Lastly, United Nations Women are still empowering women around the globe and their latest campaign #HeForShe focuses on gender equality, read more here.

I feel like this campaign’s idea is brilliant, although it was missing one thing – engagement from their audiences, which they could’ve secured by collaborating with famous people, it seems to me that UN Women learned from their mistakes and their latest campaign involved Emma Watson playing an ambassadors role.

Leave me a comment with your thoughts on these campaigns!


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  1. Elizabeth says:

    I love your new blog! I just love it! You took on an inspiring and a motivating subject to write about – how women continue to fight their way to equal rights. Please continue to write awesome blogs !


    1. I can’t even express how much your feedback means to me, THANK YOU!


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