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Zoe Sugg / Zoella in VidCon
Zoe Sugg / Zoella in VidCon

“She quits the internet”,according to Daily Mail, but is it true?

Zoe Sugg is a Youtube sensation, beauty and lifestyle vlogger/blogger reaching millions views with every single video. Zoella‘s channel has almost 7 million subscribers that is almost 3 times more than people living in Lithuania (where I am from). This trailer of her channels pretty much sums up her personality and what her youtube career is all about:

She recently published her book called “Girl Online” and her book reached all-time record – over 78 thousand of copies were sold in the first 7 days. She even out-done the famous J.K Rowling and her magical Harry Potter saga. However, most of the times when something sounds too good to be truth everything seems to fall apart quite quickly. Zoe’s book could be the case. The Sunday Times journalist had an interview with her publisher – Penguin and they had revealed that the image of her writing her own book is not particularly correct and famous Youtuber had her book ghostwritten. Although she was responsible for the story and the characters, it still came as a shock to most of her followers, who made her name trending on Facebook and other social media platforms.

But can we really judge her for having her book ghostwritten? I believe, no. Not everyone is confident with their writing abilities or can produce best-selling books. But I feel like she should have mentioned in one of her videos that she is getting a lot help from Penguin (or collaborating with them) and that she is not credible for entire book, but she led her followers into believing that “Girl Online” was all her work and that is where it went wrong.

Being a famous person (no matter online or offline) you have to think about your reputation and everything you put “out there” very carefully, because tables can turn and you’d be left with bad public image of yourself.

Furthermore, I feel the need to mention that Zoe after the scandal of her book being ghostwritten send out a tweet saying she will have a few days break from vlogging and the DailyMail used it in their headline as “Zoella ‘quits the internet’ admitting using ghostwriter bestselling debut book” to get more clicks and I agree with Zoella saying it was not fair for them to “twist stuff” to get noticed.

To sum up, I feel like Zoe needs to get her story out there and make a video from her side of view instead of taking a break from the internet which makes everyone even more suspicious about what’s really going on.

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Interesting blog yet again 🙂


  2. Hannah says:

    I wrote a post about this, and I completely agree with you. The fact that she didn’t admit she wrote the book with the help of a ghostwriter makes everything that she has achieved seem strange and dodgy. It is now just a waiting game to see her next step.


    1. I’ve read your post and agree with your point of view. I’m still waiting for an apology to her fans for misleading them into expecting that she wrote the thing all by herself. It’s just a bit disgraceful

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