Look back: PR in 2000’s – TACO BELL

Taco cat spelled backwards is taco cat
Taco cat spelled backwards is taco cat

What is the most famous PR campaign that has happened in the early 2000’s, you ask me? FREE TACOS campaign I say!

2000’s is a decade full of great events and even greater PR campaigns, although I believe that 2000’s were most  opportune for Taco Bell’s and their PR team got the best use out of it.

Taco Bell’s golden age came with the year of 2001 when core of Mir space station was about to return somewhere on Earth. Taco Bell’s PR team brainstormed a plan how to get national and international media coverage and raise awareness about the brand. Leading US Tex-Mex fast-food restaurant decided to place a huge 40 x 40 ft (12x12m) target saying FREE TACO HERE! with Taco Bell logo in the middle in the South Pacific Ocean. The idea behind the target was if the 150 ton core will lend on a target Taco Bell will give free tacos to US citizens. The anticipation was huge, but the core missed the target and nobody received their free taco coupon.

Even though no one got to taste free tacos, campaign still had generated incredible amount of excitement around the brand’s image and was a great example for others companies on how important is to think out of box with regards to PR campaigns.

Taco Bell's free taco target in the South Pacific
Taco Bell’s free taco target in the South Pacific

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  1. Marta says:

    hey! your blog is a great deal of inspiration for another PR student – me 😉 hope you’ll have some new posts soon!


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