Day in a life of PR lecturer: Meet Richard Bailey

“Day in a life of PR professional” is back! After seeing what Paula Stei does as a PR assistant at MHW agency, now we are going to take a look at Richard Bailey’s day as a PR lecturer and founder/editor of magazine. He kindly agreed to tell us what he had been up to on Friday 13 February.
RB Feb 15
Selfie of Richard Bailey
“7am Up to check through my feeds and prepare the weekly #bestPRblogs feature at I’m following 150 PR student blogs and aim to identify six outstanding posts from the dozen or more in my feed this week.
9am I publish the post and share it on my social networks. This brings a flurry of retweets as students wake up and realise their blogs have been singled out.
9.30 I then publish a post by a recent PR graduate who has offered to write something about what she wishes she’d known when she started work in PR. It’s an great piece, and needs very little editing. All the more impressive since English is just one among many languages she’s mastered.
11.30 I travel into the university having looked through my lecture slides and teaching materials.
13.00 I give a lecture to a combined audience of second year undergrads and postgraduate PR students. It’s on one of my favourite topics – Cluetrain Manifesto – and I get to use the authors’ unique linguistic style. The ‘markets are conversations’ message resonated with students last year. This lecture fell flat (more Friday the thirteenth than February the fourteenth). WTF?
14.45 I catch up with a member of my module teaching team who is rushing back from a lunch with Ed Balls and Lord Adonis – two big-name politicians. We’re then off to teach two separate classes at 3pm.
15.00 It’s week two of ‘Issue and Crisis Management’. I sensed I was losing the students in week one so have had to rethink my content for this week. I can’t dumb down the content (issue and crisis management is unavoidably challenging), but I decide to take it slowly to provide more background context and a greater focus on the assignment.
17.00 I’m done teaching for the week, so head home.
Note: Emails keep coming in to my university mailboxes throughout the day. I teach at two different universities and a student from another one was sending me increasingly angry emails which I wasn’t able to read during the day, let alone respond to.
Why do I do this job?
Because communicating with students is the hardest challenge I’ve faced in 25 years in the PR business. I don’t always get it right, and failures hurt – but I live for the moments when students get it and when they can make a connection between the classroom world and the real world.”
Follow Richard Bailey on social media:
Twitter @behindthespin
Instagram @richardsbailey
Drop a comment bellow, who’s day you want to see next!

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  1. Great lecturer and one of the reasons I’m in PR (well… and public affairs now). Love this post idea too.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. For the sake of accuracy, I am the editor of Behind the Spin, but not its founder.

    The magazine began as a print publication in 2002, run out of the College of St Mark and St John (‘Marjon’) in Plymouth and edited by John Hitchins.

    I took over as editor at the start of 2008 and we’ve been online only ever since.

    I’m responsible for any other inaccuracies in this piece!


  3. Michael White, thank you for your comment. I wish he was my lecturer too, although he is definitely a big PR role model!

    Richard Bailey, my apologies for this assumption!


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