A day in a life of PR student: meet me

After writing  A day in a life of PR lecturer, I thought it was the right time to take a look at what PR student has to deal with on a day to day basis. Thus, I present to you (*drum roll*) myself !

Hard-working PR student
PR student

Name: Morta Jablonskaite
Age: 19
From: Vilnius, Lithuania
Occupation: bar staff/full-time student
Studying: Public relations, 2nd year @University of Sunderland

This semester I felt so lucky not having to wake up after working till late and having slept just 4 hours  to go to 9 o’clock lectures. Hope this late lecture trend will continue next year too.

My Thursday:

10 am Rise and shine (with a lot of struggle). First thing I do after waking up is checking my phone, email, catching up with news that could have been broken over night. No one wants to be left behind in this fast moving world, especially a PR student.

11 am After taking a shower, eating breakfast, I quickly splash some make up on to look a bit more decent get ready and rush through the door, hoping to catch that unpredictable University bus.

12 pm Just on time for the first lecture – Journalism and PR studies… lots of notes.

1 pm Grabbing some lunch, going to the newsroom, writing blog posts, preparing for the next lecture… one hour break is over before I even notice.

2 pm – 5 pm Long but interesting PR learning session, mixture of lecture and workshop. Topped up with a news release practice. Write, Morta, write.

6 pm Finally at home – tired and hungry.  Cooking and tidying time, yay! (*sarcastic voice*)

7 pm Catching up on my favourite TV shows and planning for tomorrow.

8 pm Quick shower and getting ready to go to work. (Wish I had a clone, so it could go there for me)

3.30 am Hello, my bed, I missed you so much!


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  1. It seems like a very tiring routine. You are doing a great job though!


    1. Oh thank you my dear! It gets stressful sometimes, but in the ends it’s all worth it x


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