TMI: Are we oversharing on social media? #SOSM2015

untitledI remember times… when my friends and I used to sit by the wired phone and talk for hours – now all we do is chat online.

I remember times… when my mum always checked our neighbourhood’s notice-boards for any important messages – now every community has a group on Facebook.

I remember times… when you had to copy school, bus, cinema timetables, because they weren’t widely available online

I could keep going, but the list would be endless. Our life got so much easier after the internet and social media got popular, BUT with an unlimited access and ability to post information, we are at risk.

It is very important to understand that everything you post online is accessible pretty much to everyone (unless you are a privacy geek). And the chances are that this information could later be exploited by a potential employer (check this list of posts your employer doesn’t want to see), potential partners or any other person.

OR EVEN WORSE – your mum and grandma could see it too.

All you have to do is enter a person’s name into google an voilà almost everything they ever shared online is on your screen.

Thus before posting anything you need to ask yourself – is this going to harm my reputation?

One of the probably worse case scenarios that could happen is what Ellen DeGeneres does to her audience every once in a while. She shows your most inappropriate picture to the whole world and everyone starts laughing. In the end famous comedian gives you an Ipad, for the humiliation. But sadly in real life no one will give you a present for making yourself look stupid on social media.

By the way, if you want to see how well (or the opposite) you are doing on social media you should take a digital detox test. I’ve got 6-9 ! (So proud of myself)

Leave me a comment with your score!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. at least they got iPads for that 😀


  2. I’m slightly jelous too !


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